About us

Rhythm is a spin-off of the University of Twente research center CHOIR (Center for Healthcare Operations Improvement and Research) and ORTEC, and is founded by:

Richard foto       Erwin      Nikky Kortbeek      Bart Veltman
prof. dr. Richard Boucherie        prof. dr. Erwin Hans                  dr. Nikky Kortbeek                    dr. Bart Veltman
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Ovic-AQF8ewEAPaRhARU5CwAvrLQCBwHBlgAAAIA6fzMer the past decade, the research results of the Center for Healthcare Operations Improvement and Research (CHOIR) of the University of Twente have shown that building on techniques from Operations Research and Management, and focusing on the management of operations, can lead to a better understanding and functioning of healthcare delivery. CHOIR aims to improve resource utilization in healthcare organizations to realize an increased number of treatments at the same level of care. This is often achieved by reducing variability in the care process, resulting in a more balanced staff workload, more pleasant working conditions, increased patient safety, reduced waiting and access times, increased patient satisfaction, and an increased number of treated patients. The CHOIR research group is currently one of the most active and productive research groups in the field of Operations Research and Management in Healthcare. Through a series of more than 150 MSc projects since 2003 and 6 completed PhD projects since 2010 (see www.utwente.nl/choir), CHOIR has demonstrated the potential for operations management results for logistical improvement.

ORTECORTEClogojpg is one of the largest global providers of decision support software, with headquarters in the Netherlands. Its product portfolio encompasses advanced planning and scheduling software for various industries (see www.ortec.com). ORTEC has been providing scheduling solutions to the Healthcare industry for over 15 years: its Workforce Scheduling Solution is used to schedule thousands of employees in all facets of healthcare worldwide every day. ORTEC is increasingly confronted with consultancy requests from hospital managers regarding hospital-wide logistical problems at all hierarchical levels of control. ORTEC has thus far developed software that partially covers this need, such as the aforementioned staff scheduling software and software for tactical capacity analyses. ORTEC has over 1,800 customers worldwide, 750 employees and offices in Europe, North America, South America and the Pacific Region.