Building smarter healthcare

A growing availability of raw data and business information, increased computing power, and a deeper understanding of organizational decision making, allows organizations to benefit from new developments in business analytics and optimization. As with all new developments, some industries, some organizations can be seen as early adapters, others follow soon after. In the end, it is those who make the best use of the latest knowledge and techniques that are in the lead, with the others facing the risk to fall back and fade away. This simple observation will also apply to Healthcare.

Business Analytics and Optimization is key in healthcare organizations to survive, innovate and outperform


Rhythm is rooted in and provides access to the latest research insights and innovations for optimization of healthcare services. Our high end business analytics and optimization solutions help our customers to strengthen their service quality, operational excellence and strategic decision making in a sustainable way.

We help our customers to innovate their processes in order to deliver high quality care services efficiently and effectively.